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Christina is committed to helping a community of people who are ready to take control of their lives by creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle change.

The Elite Lifestyle Academy was created by Highly Ranked and still current, Team USA Boxer Christina Cruz.

Living the life of an Elite Athlete, Christina has devoted her time in helping people build a healthy lifestyle with the techniques she has gained through her athletic career working with high performance coaches, sports physiologist and sport dietitians. From training, the right nutrition and making mindset shifts, Christina understands what it takes to not only reach your goals but to make them sustainable for a lifetime.

Starting boxing at a late age, Christina felt like she had to work harder in order to catch up against the women she would be competing against. She wrote down 3 goals on a piece of paper. “Faster and stronger”, “better eating habits”, and “control what can be and don’t stress what cannot be.”

After applying these 3 goals into her life for the sake of a better performance in her sport, Christina discovered a positive shift in her energy, relationships with friends and family, her in-person personal training business and overall life.

Christina has devoted herself in helping people from all over the world discover their potential in every aspect of their lives with the proper training, suitable nutrition, and mindset gains through her Elite Lifestyle Academy.

“I can’t imagine a life not knowing what my body and mind are capable of.”

Check out these transformations of Christina’s clients below!

Manal’s Transformation


Manal is a single mother of two teenage boys and also works full-time as a Senior Manager, Group Internal Audit at Batelco Group in Manama, Bahrain. Christina has guided Manal through her journey helping her with time management from her busy lifestyle, exercise motivation and nutritional guidance. You can follow Manal on instagram by clicking here!

Mathieu’s Transformation 


Mathieu is from sunny California and works in the film industry and spends countless hours a day shooting movies. Mathieu has lost over 50-lbs in his journey working with Christina. Mathieu continues his journey and has now picked up boxing on a regular basis without having to force himself to go to the gym. Click here to follow Mathieu on Instagram.

Lindsey’s Transformation

IMG_0585 2

Within 3 months, Lindsey dropped 12-lbs of fat and noticed an energy shift in her day-to-day life riding and competing with her horses. She has learned to maintain a weight where she feels comfortable and energized. To follow Lindsey and her equestrian life on instagram, click here.

Duke’s Transformation


Duke is from New York City and works full-time in the Broadway show/Playwrights industry. He is actually Christina’s younger brother. Through working with his sister, he is currently down 15-lbs and has reignited his love for physical activity through sports. 

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